Thursday, April 21, 2011

Air Show 2011

Aero India 2011
9-13 Feb

"If there is something as awesome as an f1 car,then it would surely be a fighter jet"

Feb 12,I was lucky to get VIP passes for the Aero India Air show,which is the biggest air show in Asia.This air show is held once in two years.I was able to attend it even in 2009 in bangalore.

World famous jet manufacturers displayed their popular models .Whether it was a U.S Navy Cargo Planes or a fighter jet like F-16 etc all were present here to participate in the show.

The stunts they perform are mind-blowing and the adrenaline rush is fantastic.
I was able to take some good pictures using my Nikon D3100 camera.Just wanted to share a few of them.Have edited the pictures slightly to boost the image looks.

This stunt was performed by Red Bull. They were a set of four and did some amazing stunts.just waited the right moment to take a good pic of them.

They made a move such that they go together to the top and then they split.

There we lot of fighter jets zooming past the sky.Their power and sound was great.

This one went all the way to the top and then dropped down at an breathtaking pace.

These planes occupied the skies as they did jaw dropping stunts.The crowd cheered as they passed .

And finally, the only thing the pilots couldn't do was reaching the moon. They tried their best going towards them. See Image

It was an exhilarating performance.Looking forward for the next air show.
Sandeep Ganesh

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