Monday, January 9, 2012

Return of Ice Baby | Kimi Raikkonen

The most (only) speculative news in Formula One last year was the comeback of World Champion Kimi Raikkonen in 2012.After a two year break, he is back with experiences in rallying and Nascar ,most of all-he is motivated (That's dangerous). Let us explore the opportunities that lays ahead.

But first, a glance at the opportunities he had before,
His gifted driving skill was showcased to the world when he finished first in the Formula Renault championships. It earned him his formula one seat in 2001 and after a one year stint with Sauber he moved to McLaren-Mercedes.

Not one, or two or three but five unfortunate years at McLaren frustrated him. His amazing drives and performance were shunted by the car’s reliability. Retirements and accidents ruined all his chances.

His next move brought the change he wanted. He won the 2007 World Championship with the Maranello based outfit.But that was also the end of his fortunes. Ferrari fell to the strengths of McLaren and Brawn GP.
His F1 career is similar to a wave comprising of alternate Good and Bad seasons. Unsatisfied with his payments and agreements, he quit F1 to start Rallying.

He can win championships, but only in a reliable and fast car. But none of the two words ‘reliable’ and ‘fast’ describes Lotus at the moment.

The Renault powered Lotus has been facing challenges. New team managements, bad strategies and In- experienced drivers have pulled the team down the order. It is facing increased competitions from teams like Force India.

What Lotus needs is a driver who can use his experience to give feedbacks of the Cars performance and build a foundation, the team requires.

But F1 is different from where Kimi left. New rules, different tires, improved technology and most of all, significant presence of World Champions in the grid ready to challenge Lotus and Kimi.

Currently, Kimi is Lotus’s only hope. If their bond fails, they will be devastated. His progress in F1 will be slow, slower than what Schumi is facing.

It will take a year or two before Lotus builds the foundation and start fighting for their podium finishes. Kimi might not even be patient for that!! He has to build his patience and confidence as he will be fighting against Di Riesta or Hulkenberg this season.

Only a steady, planned and combined effort by Lotus and its Drivers will build the team. If anyone gives up in between, it may be the end of Lotus in Formula One.

But his comeback has brought cheers to all his fans. After a disappointing boring season last year, his return will also prove beneficial for F1, bringing back the spirit what the sport had lost last year.

Is it a start of his journey to victory or is it just another disappointing comeback? Lets wait and watch!!


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