Friday, June 3, 2011

The Season so far….

Before the start of the season, most of us believed 2011 season would see the toughest rivalry and competition among drivers and teams. Only six races have passed by and the question has already arrived “Who will grab the 2nd Place?”

Yes, there are lots of teams competing with other teams to perform better, but there is only one team which fights and competes with themselves to move ahead. It can be and only is Red Bull Racing.

People might soon start calling “Red bull racing” as “You-Know-Who”. You Know why!!!!

Sebastian Vettel has been standing in the first step of the podium since the beginning of the season. Only once he fell down to the second step. How unfortunate!!!!

Whether it was the Tricky corners of Australian Grand prix or the long straight’s of China or the street tracks of Monaco , it has been Vettel who has been standing tall and having all the fun .His team mate however seems to be struggling. Needs to recover his form again fully and quickly!!

The second Tier teams i.e. the McLaren’s, Ferrari’s have been doing pretty decent. They are able to fight for the third-fourth places. Ferrari has been surviving only because of Alonso. Fearing this, they immediately extended his million dollar contract until 2016.The competition what we might expect this year between teammates might be that of Hamilton and Button.

Hamilton has been handling his car, just the way we play F1 races in PC’s. He displayed his reckless and unsporting driving attitude in the streets of Monaco. He better keep his frustration outside the track. The Brazilian, Felipe Massa has started digging his own grave.2012 might be the end of F1 for him.

Let us pass on to the next Tier Teams i.e. the Mercedes and Renault. Schumi cannot just handle the pressure around him. Nico Rosberg on the other hand, just keeps waiting for the right car and the right moment. Heidfeld seems to the best amongst the rest. His race wins usually come with a lot of luck.

Feels sad looking at drivers like Petrov, Di resta,and Perez. They are very talented, but are not able to show it off due to random strategies going on in the races.But; they will get their time very soon.

Force India, who looked strong in the beginning, seems to have fallen down. They need to have good Race strategists in their pits to make the right decisions. Sauber-Ferrari led by Peter Sauber seems to be getting things in the right direction. They continue to make gradual improvements.

The last tier teams ,STR looks good in the qualifying than in the races, just like its sister team. The Williams, The Lotus, Virgin Racing and HRT are hoping to score a couple of points by the end of the season.

What we will be watching this year would be teams fighting with other teams in their own tier. Some teams like Ferrari have already started working on their car for next year. Looks like McLaren might follow it also.

The season is more finished than started, so let’s start from beginning again, i.e. Hope 2012 season would be fun to watch.

Sandeep Ganesh


  1. felipe massa seems to be digging not only his grave but also ferrari's grave this season ..
    because their constructors tally is being single handedly contributed by alonso alone :(
    and it might be very difficult for them to catch upto red bull's points if the same trend continues ...

  2. Leave alone Redbull,hope they beat Renault in constructors.

  3. wats ur view on button??
    i feel that he is too dependent on good strategies than using his racing skills on the track

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