Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why India needs Formula One:

On 28th October 2011, India is set to host its first Formula One Grand Prix in Greater Noida, Delhi. As people in international forums and communities are busy discussing about the need of India in F1, there have been very few talks on the importance of Formula one to India. To make my views crystal clear, I have chalked the key points, which I believe will impact the country and its citizens, deeper than imagined.

1.The cutting edge technology of Formula One will interest students to enter the world of racing. This will and has already lead to start of new courses in the field of Racing by various universities.

2.Driver Training Academies, which have also opened up will ensure that India will not only produce technicians and engineers, but also motorsport drivers in the future.

3.The appeal of the wide spectrum of existing motorsport events in the country will improve and will provide the necessary experience to enter epitome of Racing, F1. A new series known as i1 Super Series has already been established along similar lines of IPL in cricket, where celebrities bid for racing teams and drivers. The event spread over different countries and approved by FIA is sure to grab eyeballs. Hence the beginning of F1 era in India has ushered the inception of racing championships in the country.

4.The Automotive Industry has realised the potential of Formula One and various firms are trying to bond and associate themselves with Formula One. Few examples include supply of support vehicles to Buddh International Circuit by Mahindra and backing of HRT Team by Hero Corp.

5.When F1 comes to India, it doesn’t just bring the teams, it also brings all the sponsors associated with them.

6.When the delegates meet up during the event in Delhi, it will open doors to sign new deals and collaborations. Hence new investments will take place and technology transfer will happen. Maybe within a few years, we might see our country manufacturing indigenous sports cars and competing with the foreign counterparts.

7.Being the World’s most watched sport with an audience of around 500 million people, Formula One provides the perfect platform to promote your brand. Hereinafter we can notice a huge rush among several Indian companies to advertise their brands in the shiny carbon fibre bodies of F1 cars.

8.The race will serve as a good reason for many foreign tourists to visit our country. They can visit and adore the rich culture of the country and enjoy the thrill of the race as well.

9.Even though a F1 grand prix lasts only for 3-4 days, it is a massive event. The preparation involved is colossal. Conducting it successfully will not only boost the image of the country to the world, but will also persuade other international bodies to conduct their events in India. In the future year’s, India may play host to lot of international events.

10.F1 is best known for its speed, performance and team work. The cars complete their pit stops even before we can finish a sip of our coffee. The Indian masses will be dumbstruck by observing the cars and the sport. The sound, speed and thrill involved will hypnotize the audience.

11.It has already gathered a lot of momentum and in a few years, Indians might be the largest follower and contributor of F1 .

In our goal towards being a developed country, hosting the F1 race is highly significant and lets hope the race is a grand success.

Best of Luck to the organizers of Indian Grand Prix.


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